Going into and leaving hospital

"I’d like advice to help me manage my hospital stay."

About hospital stays

Going into hospital can be a difficult time for you and those close to you. You may be going in for planned tests or treatment, or have been admitted as an emergency.

We’ve put together some useful guidance to help you before, during and after your hospital stay.

Guidance for hospital stays

  • Preparing for a hospital stay


    It is important to be prepared for a stay in hospital, not only in terms of what you need to take with you but also to make sure everything at home is secure and will keep running as usual. We’ve put together some advice to help you check everything is covered.

  • Getting to and from hospital


    If you are travelling alone to hospital, find out your options for getting there. Alternatively learn about hospital car parks if someone is taking you by car.

  • While you are in hospital


    We appreciate that going into hospital can be a daunting feeling, especially if you haven’t stayed in a hospital before. We have some information on what you can expect, and help you can get while you are there.

  • Leaving hospital


    When the hospital team start talking about you leaving hospital, you may feel concerned about how you will cope at home. The person overseeing your hospital discharge will make sure you are medically fit for discharge, and will refer you to our team for a discharge assessment if they feel you need extra care and support.

  • Support when you have left hospital


    As well as any support you receive from us, your family or friends, there are many organisations available in the community to help you once you have left hospital.