Adult carers

"I need advice and information to help me in my role as a carer."

Accessing support for adult carers

Are you an adult caring for somebody?

The 'Carers UK Digital Resource' is the best place to find valuable advice and information to support you in your caring role, making day-to-day life easier.

If you are aged 18 or over and provide regular, unpaid help to someone close to you, we may be able to help you manage your caring responsibilities, and also look after your own needs.

Are you an adult carer?

Our guidance below will help you to decide if you're not sure:

What a carer does

As a carer, you may help with:

  • washing, dressing or eating (personal care)
  • medication or taking them to regular appointments
  • cooking
  • shopping
  • housework
  • keeping someone company when they feel lonely or anxious (emotional support)
  • managing someone’s affairs.

Types of carers

Many people do not recognise themselves as carers. Carers can be any age. They are parents, grandparents, children, partners, friends or neighbours doing what needs to be done to maintain the quality of life for someone close to them. Your age and who you care for determines the type of carer you are:

Adult carer

This is someone aged 18 or over, who cares for a disabled, ill or elderly person who is also aged 18 or over.

Parent carer

This is someone aged 18 or over who provides care to a disabled child and has parental responsibility for them.

Non-parent carer

This is someone aged 18 or over who provides care to a disabled child but they do not have parental responsibility for them, such as a grandparent.

Young carer

A young carer is someone who is aged 17 or under with caring responsibilities. Learn about young carers.

Who this applies to

We may be able to support you if you are aged 18 or over and care for someone who:

  • lives in the East Riding (they do not need to receive support from us)

  • is aged 18 or over

  • has care needs because of one or more of the following. They:

    • are older or frail
    • have an illness
    • have a physical and/or learning disability
    • have mental health issues
    • have issues with drugs and/or alcohol

Please note: an adult carer is not someone who provides care professionally, or though a voluntary organisation.

What support is available

There are a range of support services available to you, both in your local community and provided by, or on behalf of, the council.

Our carer's support service can provide information on:

  • your rights as a carer
  • financial and legal matters
  • carer assessments and services in the East Riding
  • local, regional and national support groups
  • health-related issues
  • other organisations and services that may be useful to you.

Our aim is to support you to choose the services that best suit your needs.

Accessing support

  • Step 1 - Your needs


    To make sure we understand what your needs are, we’ll complete an adult carer’s assessment. You’ll be asked about:

    • how caring is affecting your life
    • what you need help with
    • anything that you would like to be able to do in the future.

    This will help us to work out:

    • what support you need
    • whether you can access this support in your local community (often these are free services)
    • if you need access to any services run by us
    • the cost of any support you require.
  • Step 2 - Planning your support


    If the result of your assessment shows that caring is having an impact on your health and wellbeing, known as you having ‘an eligible need’, you may receive:

    • a personal budget that can help you to take time out, such as for a hobby or leisure interest

    • access to free holiday accommodation so you can take a short break from your role

    • help to create an emergency cover plan, so there is someone to look after the person you care for in an emergency

    • a carer’s emergency contact card, so you are recognised as a carer. This will also give you free access to some East Riding venues when you are accompanying the person you care for.

    Whether you have an eligible need or not, we can also provide advice on:

    • specialist community services that can help with any issues
    • support and guidance to help you keep fit and healthy and continue with your caring role
  • Step 3 - Request an assessment


    If you would like help from us, please request a carer’s assessment.

Contact the carer support service

Not sure what support you need, or just have a question to ask? Contact our carer support service:

You can also:

Visit us

Our address

East Riding Carers Support Service
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Please note: we're in the pink building on the corner of Cross Street and Champney Road - opposite the Magistrate's Court.

Opening hours

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Friday, 9.30am - 4pm

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Sewerby Hall and Gardens
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South Cliff Holiday Park
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