Adult social care while in prison

"I want to know what care and support I can get while in prison."

Accessing support for prisoners

If you have care needs and are currently in prison in East Riding of Yorkshire, you may qualify to receive care and support from us to support your rehabilitation.

With our help and support you’ll:

  • be able to improve your current health and wellbeing
  • find it easier to rebuild your life after you are released
  • be less likely to commit another offence.

Who this applies to

We can offer support to you if you:

  • are aged 18 or over
  • live in East Riding as a resident of:
    • a young offender institute
    • a prison
    • an approved premises, such as a bail hostel
    • somewhere that is not your usual home as a condition of bail in criminal proceedings

and have care and support needs because you:

  • are older and/or frail
  • have a physical and/or learning disability
  • have mental health issues
  • have problems with drugs and/or alcohol.

What support is available

  • Your needs


    To make sure we understand what your needs are, we’ll complete a needs assessment. You'll be asked about:

    • the things you can do now
    • what you need help to do
    • anything that you would like to be able to do in the future.

    We'll also talk to the prison staff (and health care staff where relevant).

    This will help us to work out:

    • what support you need
    • whether you can access this support in your local community (often these are free services)
    • if you need to access any services run by us
    • the cost of the support you require.

    Someone to speak for you

    If you find it hard to understand things or get your meaning across, don’t worry. You can ask us to arrange for an independent advocate to support you during your assessment. This is a free service. An independent advocate is a trained professional who can help get your opinions heard. Learn more about advocates.

  • Paying for care


    Most people must pay something towards care services they receive from us. If you would like to know if we can help with the cost of our services we’ll complete a financial assessment.

    This will look at things like:

    • any benefits you receive
    • your savings
    • any income you receive outside of prison (prison earnings are not taken into account).

    We’ll let you know if we can help to pay for some, or all, of your care and support.

    If you are on bail and do not have a conviction, you may receive a personal budget from us that you can use to pay for your care. You are unable to receive a personal budget if you are currently in prison.

  • Planning your care


    If you qualify to receive care from us, we’ll help you to put together a care and support plan of how we will meet your care and support needs. This will include:

    • what your needs are
    • your usual routine and the tasks you need to carry out
    • which adult social care services you will be using to meet your needs
    • any help you may receive from someone else, for example, another prisoner may become your carer
    • any specialist help you may need.

    Please note: while you are in prison, you will have less choice about your care and support arrangements than someone outside of prison. For example, you will be unable to choose your accommodation (unless it is being arranged for after your release).

How to access this service

If you think you need care and support, speak to the healthcare staff where you reside. They will ask you some questions to decide if you need to be referred to our adult social care team.