Adult carers

"I need advice and information to help me in my role as a carer."

Adult carer's assessment

Are you an adult caring for somebody?

The 'Carers UK Digital Resource' is the best place to find valuable advice and information to support you in your caring role, making day-to-day life easier.

If you are aged 18 or over and need support with your caring responsibilities, we can find ways to help you through a carer’s assessment.

The person you are caring for does not need to qualify to receive help from us for you to be entitled to an assessment, but they do need to live in East Riding of Yorkshire (even if you don’t).

You do not need the permission of the person you are caring for to ask for an assessment. You can do so in your own right.

The assessment process

  • Request an adult carer's assessment


    To arrange an adult carer’s assessment please get in touch by any of the following methods and leave your details:

    Visit us

    East Riding Carers Support Service
    County Hall
    Cross Street
    HU17 9BA

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Thursday, 9.30am to 4.30pm
    Friday, 9.30am - 4pm

    No appointment necessary (when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted)

  • Before your assessment


    Before you have your assessment, think about the following questions and whether being a carer is having a significant impact on these or other things in your life:

    • Are you getting enough sleep and eating well?
    • When you go out, do you need to take the person you care for with you? Or can you go out on your own?
    • Is your health being affected by caring? Or do you have any existing physical or mental health conditions that make your role as a carer more difficult?
    • Are you able to cope with other family commitments, such as caring for a child or another adult?
    • Can you manage at home ok, and get household chores done?
    • Can you still socialise with family or friends?
    • Is juggling work and caring difficult?
    • Are you able to pursue your work or educational goals?
    • Can you enjoy hobbies the way you used to?
    • Are you happy to continue being a carer?
    • What would improve your life as a carer?
    • If you do not receive support, what would happen?
  • Your assessment


    The assessment is carried out by a member of our team. You’ll have a chance to talk about the care you provide and the impact it has on your life. Give as much detail as possible as this will help make sure you get the support you need.

    Our team member will look at any support you currently get and whether other services could help you. We will not need to assess your finances as part of your carer's assessment, but our team member may discuss any benefits you qualify for and help you make an appointment with our benefits and money advice clinic.

    If the assessment shows that you qualify to receive help from us, we’ll write a carer support plan that sets out how we can help.

    This plan outlines:

    • the type of support you need
    • how you will get the support.

    Please note: carers' assessments can last up to an hour.

  • After your assessment


    If as a result of the assessment you were:

    • given a carer's personal budget, then we'll invite you to review the support plan around 8 weeks later. This is to find out if you are happy with how the plan is going or feel it needs any amendments. The support plan will then be renewed around 1 year later.
    • identified as not having an 'eligible need', we will still help by signposting you to specialist community services that can help you.

COVID-19 information

Our carer’s centre is closed due to government lockdown restrictions.

Personal budgets for carers

When you have a carer’s assessment you are automatically considered for a personal budget. This is aimed at helping carers whose health and wellbeing is being negatively affected through their caring role.

If the person carrying out your assessment identifies that you may qualify, they will also discuss what you would use the personal budget for.

There are lots of options, as it should be something that supports you in your caring role, or to relax away from your caring role. Here are some of the things people have used budgets for previously:

  • enjoying leisure activities, relaxation or alternative therapies
  • taking up a hobby
  • purchasing computer equipment to keep in touch with family, friends and local support groups
  • undertaking training courses
  • getting help with household tasks, such as cleaning.

What to do if something changes

If your needs change before your yearly review, please contact the Carer’s Support Service so we can update the details on your record.

COVID-19 information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will carry out assessments using an online chat facility, such as Microsoft Teams.

If we need to visit your home: we will carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment and anyone visiting you will take a lateral flow test before they arrive.

At your home: they will observe social distancing rules and wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), including a face covering.

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