Shared lives carers

"I'd like to provide a home for an adult who needs care and support."

Becoming a shared lives carer

If you are over 18 and would like to make an amazing difference to someone’s life by offering them a place in your home, why not become a shared lives carer?

As a shared lives carer, you’ll open up your home and family life to someone aged 18 or over who needs care and support to help them live an ordinary life.

Find out how we can support you if you're already a shared lives carer.

Would you like to live in a shared lives home?

Find out if living, or spending a few nights, with a shared lives carer in their own home could be a good option for you.

Who can be a shared lives carer

We welcome applications from anyone who:

  • lives in East Riding of Yorkshire
  • has a spare bedroom, and
  • is aged 18 or over.

This includes:

  • single parents
  • couples with or without children
  • single people.

Shared lives carers can be:

  • any gender
  • homeowners or tenants
  • employed or unemployed
  • from a different background to the adults they provide support for.

You do not need any experience of caring, but you do need to be committed to improving other people’s lives. Training and support is provided.

How it works