Personal budgets & direct payments

"I want to understand the options for managing my personal budget."

Budget managed by a third party

Do you want to continue living at home?

We know it's important to stay independent for as long as possible, in your own home.

If you do not have anyone to open a bank account with, and do not want us to manage your budget for you, we can pay your personal budget money to your managed account.

This means you still make all the decisions about your care but you don’t have to have anything to do with the money side of it. The organisation that manages the account will pay any staff and invoices for you.

The cost of a managed account can be paid from your direct payments.

This option may be ideal for you if you:

  • wish to be in control of the care you receive
  • do not want to manage money, or be in charge of paying your staff.

How it works

  • Tell us who you want your money paid to


    We’ll provide you with a list of providers of managed accounts. Just let your support worker know which provider you want to use.

  • Sign an agreement


    You’ll need to sign a direct payment agreement that shows:

    • how much money you'll receive
    • what you must contribute towards the cost of your support
    • how your direct payment money should be used, for example, if it is to be used to buy different services or support
    • terms and conditions of your direct payment.
  • We pay our part of your personal budget


    Every 4 weeks we'll send a payment for our part of your personal budget to an account managed by your chosen organisation.

  • Your contribution


    Unless your assessment shows that you do not have to pay anything, we’ll send you a bill for your care every 4 weeks.

    Your charges will be worked out from the date your care and support services started. We will only bill you for the amount your assessment showed you can afford to pay.

    You’ll pay your contribution into the same managed account.

  • Staff time sheets


    If you employ staff, make sure that the time sheet is sent on time to the organisation every month.