Personal budgets & direct payments

"I want to understand the options for managing my personal budget."

Budget managed by the council

Do you want to continue living at home?

We know it's important to stay independent for as long as possible, in your own home.

We’ll arrange your care and support based on the care and support plan you have agreed with us, and use your personal budget to pay for it.

This option may be ideal for you if you’re worried about managing money and/or the people you'll employ.

How it works

  • We arrange your care


    We’ll spend your personal budget on meeting the needs identified in your care and support plan. We may commission services external to the council or use our in-house services.

    We’ll make sure that:

    • we get value for money
    • you are satisfied with your support
    • we tell you exactly what we spend your budget on.
  • Your contribution


    Unless your assessment shows that you do not have to pay anything, we’ll send you a bill for your care every 4 weeks.

    Your charges will be worked out from the date your care and support services started. We will only bill you for the amount your assessment has shown you can afford to pay.