Adult carers

"I need advice and information to help me in my role as a carer."

Carers UK Digital Resource

A new digital platform called Carers UK Digital Resource for Carers has been created to host a wealth of support, advice and free resources for informal carers in the East Riding who need access to information that is relevant to your situation.

What it is

If you are in a caring role the Carers UK Digital Resource for Carers is a website designed just for you. It aims to be a one-stop shop to help you to:

  • identify sources of support, including technology
  • maintain your own health and wellbeing
  • enjoy your own independence, away from your caring role.

How it can help

We know that carers play a critical role in the lives of thousands of people across the county, it is essential that you're able to access the right help and support when you need it.

This new online resource is now available to provide a range of practical help and valuable advice and information to support you in your caring role, making day-to-day life easier.

Carers visiting the site can find targeted information more efficiently and can build a network of support via an online forum.

There is also the opportunity to:

  • develop personal resilience
  • manage care more effectively
  • access the ‘Jointly’ app that helps to support the coordination of care between family members.

What it offers


Designed to help carers access advice and information relevant to their situation, find resources and identify sources of support including technology, as well as promote carers’ own health and wellbeing.

'Jointly' care co-ordination app

A central place to store and share important information about the person you are caring for. Set up appointments, allocate tasks, save files and notes, manage medication and lots more.

Free publications - Carers UK guides

Essential reading for carers including:

  • Upfront - a guide to caring
  • Looking after someone - a carers rights guide
  • Being heard - a self-advocacy guide for carers

More resources and information

  • Access links to further resources and sources of information and support for people who are looking after a loved one.

How to access it

To create an account and get free access to all the products and support resources, visit Carers UK Digital Resources website below using the East Riding access code:

Use access code DGTL2601