Young carers

"I'd like some extra help with things like schoolwork while I am caring for my relative."

Getting help and guidance

Need support as a young carer?

The FISH website is a great place to find the right support.

Sometimes being a young carer can get too much and you may begin to feel unwell or stressed out because you have too much responsibility. You can also feel cut off from people your own age and your local community.

Here are some places where you can find people to help you with this important role and build a support network.

General support

Pastoral staff at your school

Each school has pastoral staff who, alongside your form tutor, are there to encourage you in your studies and to help you through any issues that are affecting your progress. Your school should be aware of your care duties so that they can help work out a plan and make sure your school work isn’t affected. They can also give you any support you need with personal matters or if you are having difficulty coping emotionally.

Carers Trust

Carers Trust is a charity who work to improve the support and services available to people who care for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or who has mental health or addiction problems. Access a range of resources for young carers on the Carers Trust website.

FISH (Family Information Service Hub)

FISH can provide you with information about services that are available to young people within East Riding. This includes local activities for young people. Find out more about FISH on the East Riding of Yorkshire council website.

Mental health


YoungMinds is a charity dedicated to helping young people who are experiencing mental health issues. Their aim is to create a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health. Find out how to look after your mental health on the YoungMinds website.

CAMHS Crisis Response Team

This service operates 24 hours and day, 7 days a week and is for young people (under 18) who are experiencing emotional distress and are struggling to cope. The team responds to a young person’s immediate care needs by offering specialist short-term help in the community. The team will stay involved until there is a resolution of the immediate crisis (usually within 72 hours).

Support for siblings


YoungSibs is for people aged 17 or under whom have a brother or sister with a disability, a serious long-term condition or special educational needs. Access information and resources for siblings on the YoungSibs website.


Sibs exists to support people who grow up with or have grown up with a disabled brother or sister. Find out how they can help you and your parents on the Sibs website.