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Aids, equipment and adaptations

"I need some help with living aids and adaptations for my home."

Home adaptations

Need a little help to stay independent?

Age UK has a range of products and services from trusted partners that can help you to continue doing things for yourself.

If you own your own home, you could make some changes to your home to help you manage everyday tasks and stay independent. This is often referred to as ‘home adaptations’.

Please note: if you live in a rented property, you may still be able to make these changes but you'll need your landlord's permission.

Types of home adaptations

Some adaptations are minor, low cost and easy to do. Others are more significant and expensive:

Minor adaptations

These are small changes made to your home and usually cost than less than £1,000. For example:

  • grab rails around the bath, shower or toilet
  • grab rails by the front or back door
  • extra stair rails
  • small steps to doors
  • lever taps in the kitchen.

Major adaptations

These are significant changes to your home and are more expensive. For example:

  • level access showers or wet rooms
  • stairlifts or through-floor lifts
  • wheelchair ramps
  • widening doorways
  • adapting kitchens.

Help with home adaptations

Minor adaptations

If you require minor adaptations that cost less than £1,000, our disability resource team may be able to help.

To request equipment, please get in touch by either of the following methods and leave your details:

Major adaptations

If your adaptations will cost £1,000 or more, these are classed as major adaptations and you will need to pay for them.

If you’re disabled or have a long-term health condition, you may qualify for a disabled facilities grant that you can use to pay for changes to your home.

Before you can apply, you will need to be assessed by an occupational therapist.

Find out more about the disabled facilities grant and how to apply on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website.

Self-funding your home adaptations

If you would like to make changes to your home and pay for them yourself, here are some websites where you can search for local tradespeople to quote for your adaptations: