Staying independent

Creating a safe home

"I want to know what changes I can make so I can continue to live in it safely."

Living rooms

Need a little help to stay independent?

Age UK has a range of products and services from trusted partners that can help you to continue doing things for yourself.

Our tips

Here’s a list of things you can do to make your living rooms safer:


  • Keep furniture to a minimum so that you have a clear space for walking around.
  • Consider getting a high chair with armrests. It might not be as comfortable as your preferred chair, but it’ll be much easier to get in and out of.
  • Stand using the arms of the chair for support - not your walking aid. Your walking aid is a height that is right for when you are walking so will be too high for you to use when you are sitting down.
  • Keep your walking aid in easily reach while you seated.

Electrical sockets and leads

  • Make sure you keep leads tidy, and do not allow them to trail on the floor. Secure them back out the way with velcro ties.
  • If you find it difficult to reach electrical sockets, consider having them repositioned higher.

Equipment that may help

There are lots of living aids that can help you use your living room, consider a:

  • long-handled appliance, such as an ‘easy reach’ - this can help you to turn low or high switches on
  • chair raiser - this raises up your chair so it is at a comfortable height to get in and out of a sitting position
  • chair table or tray - perfect if you prefer to eat from your lounge chair.

Find out more about aids, equipment and adaptations to make your life easier.