Staying independent

Lifeline and response service

"I want to feel safe and independent at home."

5 - Organise your subscription

Once you have decided that Lifeline is right for you and considered whether you’d like the responder service or any equipment add-ons, follow the 4 simple steps below to begin your Lifeline subscription.

  • Request a personal assessment


    If you are interested in subscribing to Lifeline and would like a free personal assessment, please contact us with:

    • your name
    • telephone number
    • email address

    You can get in touch by either of the following methods:

    Call Lifeline on (01482) 396040

    What happens next

    We'll contact you to arrange your assessment. We may also ask some initial questions about you, your living situation and your needs.

    This is so we can provide an assessment that is tailored to you. We'll also be able to preselect the products that we feel would benefit you the most, so we have the information ready to discuss with you at your assessment.

  • Personal assessment


    Your free personal assessment will be carried out over the telephone. We'll ask you about:

    • any concerns or difficulties you have
    • your health and any conditions you have
    • your home, to make sure that the products you have selected are suitable.

    We'll also discuss:

    • the plan you have requested to confirm that it is suitable for you
    • any equipment you have chosen and we'll answer any questions you may have
    • other products we have available if we think that you could benefit from using them.
  • Installation


    Once we have agreed on the right plan and equipment for you, we'll arrange an appointment to demonstrate and install your products. Read more about the installation process.

  • Paying for your subscription


    You do not need to pay anything until your base unit, and any add-on equipment, has been installed.

    You'll receive a quote for your subscription after your personal assessment. Learn more about payments and pricing.