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Paying for your care

Do you want to continue to live at home?

We know it’s important to keep your independence and stay living in your own home for as long as possible.

We’ve put together some great advice, along with details of many services and support groups that can help you with this.

Unless exempt, most people must contribute towards the cost of their care.

The amount that you contribute will depend on the type of help you need and the value of your financial assets.

Generally, if you have:

  • £23,250 or more - you must pay the full cost of your care
  • £14,250 to £23,249 - you must contribute to your care costs
  • £14,249 or less - you may need to contribute towards the cost of your care.

What you may have to contribute

Try our calculator to get an idea of what you may have to contribute towards your care - it’ll take between 3 and 10 minutes depending on the care you need and the answers you give.

Please note: your responses to these questions are completely anonymous and will not be saved or held by us.

Calculating your care costs

There is a process that we need to follow to calculate your care costs. This is because we need to understand what your care and support needs are before we know how much they will cost.

As part of this process, you’ll be offered a financial assessment where we’ll look at things like your savings, investments and pension. This will determine whether you can afford to pay for your own care and support and if not, how much you can afford.

Exemptions - when you won’t have to pay care costs

Most people must pay something towards their care, unless one of the following applies:

Make sure you apply for the benefits you qualify for

If you think you may qualify for any benefits or allowances, make sure you apply for these as they will be considered as part of your financial assessment - even if you choose not to claim them. This may result in you paying more money towards your care and support.

Some of the benefits you can use to pay for your care and support are:

  • disability living allowance
  • personal independence payment (care component)
  • attendance allowance.

Learn more about these benefits and others you may qualify for on the GOV.UK website.

Try our benefits calculator

You can check if you qualify for any benefits using our benefits calculator. You’ll be asked for information on any:

  • savings
  • income
  • pension
  • childcare payments
  • existing benefits.

Please note: if you have a partner, you will need to provide the information above for them as well.

Need help to apply for benefits?

Here are some places to get help:

Citizen Advice - Hull and East Riding

Your local citizen’s advice team can help you to understand what you are entitled to, and to claim for those benefits. They can also support you if you disagree with a benefits decision.

Learn more on the Citizen’s Advice - Hull and East Riding website.

More general information about benefits is available on the national Citizen’s Advice website.

Contact the Paying for Care Team

The paying for care team provides free and confidential benefit advice and support to help to make sure you do not miss out on anything you qualify for.

Please get in touch by either of the following methods and leave your details:

Fill in our online form

Call adult social care on 01482 393939