Personal budgets & direct payments

"I want to understand the options for managing my personal budget."

Personal budgets

Do you want to continue living at home?

We know it's important to stay as independent for as long as possible, in your own home.

If you have had a needs assessment and financial assessment and we have identified that you qualify to receive money from us to spend on your care and support needs, this is known as a personal budget.

Already receiving a personal budget?

Personal budget amount

Personal budgets are calculated on a person by person basis so not everyone receives the same amount. To calculate how much you will receive in your personal budget we will consider:

  • what kind of care and support you need
  • how much it will cost
  • how much you’re able to afford yourself.

After your financial assessment, you'll receive a letter from us to confirm your personal budget. It will also include how much you must contribute towards your care each week.

Choosing how to receive your personal budget

It is your choice how you receive your personal budget. There are 3 options to choose from and you can have a combination of them if you wish.

Managed by you or a relative

You’ll receive a direct payment from us and manage your own budget. You could also have someone manage it for you, such as a son or daughter. This is also known as a cash personal budget.

If you choose this option, you may also be responsible for employing your own staff.

Managed by a third party

Your money could be managed by a third party, such as your care provider. This is also known as a managed personal budget. Read more about your budget being managed by a third party.

Managed by the council

We can manage your personal budget and arrange your care for you. This is a good option if you are worried about managing money, or your spend a lot of time in hospital. This is also known as a virtual personal budget. Find out more about your budget being managed by the council.