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Report social care fraud

When someone receiving care, or someone acting on their behalf, misuses the money they receive from us, it means we are paying more towards our adult social care services than necessary.

Any money we lose as a result of fraud is money we could have used elsewhere or to keep costs down, so we need your help to prevent fraud wherever possible.

Types of social care fraud

Social care fraud includes when someone has:

  • not told us when a person who has been receiving care has died, but has continued to receive payments from their personal budget
  • claimed that money from a personal budget is being used for a carer, but they have kept it for themselves
  • used money from a dependent’s personal budget to pay for things other than their care
  • spent personal budget money on something outside of the agreed care and support plan.

People who commit adult social care fraud

Fraud can be carried out by:

  • the person receiving care
  • a relative who, or organisation that, is managing the budget on their behalf
  • an organisation or individual who is providing care to them.

How to report fraud

If you have concerns that adult social care fraud is happening, you can tell us using the form below.

Please note: you may remain anonymous if you wish: