Staying independent

Lifeline and response service

"I want to feel safe and independent at home."

2 - Responder service add-on

From 32p per day
per month

For extra peace of mind, you can add the responder service to your standard subscription.

The responder service is ideal for you if you do not have anyone who lives locally - within a 45-minute radius - to help you in an emergency.

It’s also a great add-on if your emergency contacts are often out of town on business, or go on holiday regularly. They’ll have the added comfort of knowing you won’t be alone if something unexpected happens.

How our responder service works

  • How to raise the alarm


    If you feel unusually unwell, have fallen or need any other emergency help, you’ll raise the alarm exactly as you would with the standard Lifeline service.

    To do this you'd press the button on either the alarm pendant or on the base unit.

    Some of our equipment add-ons automatically know when you need help and raise the alarm on your behalf.

  • Your connection to our Lifeline operators


    A Lifeline operator will respond to your alarm call in the same way they do with the standard Lifeline service.

  • How we will help you


    The Lifeline operator will take appropriate action based on the situation. They may:

    • alert 1 or more of the emergency services to attend
    • call one of your emergency contacts to let them know what has happened
    • immediately send a trained responder to your home who will provide on site help. They will also stay with you until the emergency services arrive (if they are required) or until they have made sure you are safe and comfortable.

    The Lifeline operator stays on the line with you until they know the situation has been resolved, or someone has arrived at your home to help you.

Who are our trained responders

Our responders are experienced and friendly staff who are employed by the council to carry out this specialist role.

All our responders have:

  • had an enhanced DBS check - this means we have checked their criminal record
  • good knowledge of the local area so they can attend to you quickly
  • understand the care services available and are able to make referrals as required.

They are trained in:

  • basic first aid
  • moving and handling techniques
  • initial assessment of injury
  • assistive lifting.

Responders are not medically trained but will request the help of the emergency services if medical help is required.

Access to your home

If you decide to add the responder service to your subscription, you must also make it possible for our team of responders to be able to access your home in an emergency.

A key safe is the best way to provide this. This is a small box that can be opened with a code. It is fixed to the outside of your house and provides a quick and easy way for family members, care workers, emergency services and other authorised people to gain access to your home without delay.

Without a key safe, you would need to arrange to leave a key close to your house in a secure location.