Staying independent

Looking after yourself

"I'd like some advice on how to look after myself."


If you are unable to visit the shops in person, here are suggestions of some other ways you can get your essential supplies.

Help from family and friends

Consider family members or friends that may be able to help. They may be able to pick up your shopping while out doing their own shopping. They may also be able to place orders online for you and have them delivered.

Online shopping

Many supermarkets, pharmacists, clothes and other retailers now offer an online purchasing and delivery service. By visiting their website, you can browse their selection of items and place them into an online basket, or shopping cart. You’ll pay for them in one go and can often select when you would like them delivered too. You can get advice on shopping and paying safely online on the Money Advice Service website.

Protecting yourself while you shop

The way we shop has changed over the last year with the coronavirus pandemic. Age UK have put together some handy guidance about when, where and how you can get all the essentials you need. It also includes information on the current shopping restrictions in place and how to protect yourself while shopping.

Read COVID-19 shopping advice on the Age UK website.