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Lifeline and response service

"I want to feel safe and independent at home."

1 - Standard Lifeline service

From 68p per day
per month

When you subscribe to our standard Lifeline service, you'll receive everything you need to get started, including:

  • a personal assessment of your Lifeline needs
  • a base unit and an alarm pendant - the equipment you'll use to contact us
  • immediate assistance from our highly-trained and experienced Lifeline operators - no matter what time of day or night the alarm is raised
  • free installation of your equipment.

Standard equipment

Base unit

About this product

The base unit is a small, stylish box that connects to mains electric and a telephone line (you do not need an internet connection).

It contains a loudspeaker and a microphone. This enables you to speak to a Lifeline operator whenever you have activated the alarm.

The alarm can be activated using a button on the base unit, the alarm pendant or from any of our equipment add-ons.

If you use a hearing aid, or you are not able to communicate via the loudspeaker, we’ll add notes to your records to make sure our Lifeline operators call you by an alternative method, such as on your landline or mobile phone.

Alarm pendant

About this product

This is a small, oval-shaped, waterproof device with a red button. It is powered by a non-replaceable battery that lasts up to seven years.

You can wear this pendant:

  • strapped around your wrist as a watch
  • clipped to clothing
  • attached to a belt
  • around your neck on a string.

How our service works

  • How to raise the alarm


    If you feel unusually unwell, have fallen or need any other emergency help, you can press the button on the pendant to raise the alarm. There is also a button on the base unit you can press.

    Please note: other equipment is also available for you to add to your Lifeline subscription. This includes products that can help you in other situations, such as if you experience a seizure while you are sleeping or if you are prone to unexpected wandering away from your home environment.

  • Your connection to our Lifeline operators


    Your alarm pendant will send a signal to a small box called a base unit. This is connected to your landline telephone. The base unit will send an alert to our Lifeline operators.

    A Lifeline operator will respond to your alarm call immediately by talking to you through the base unit. There is a loudspeaker within the base unit – this means it’s loud enough for you to hear it - even if you are in another room.

  • How we will help you


    The Lifeline operator will assess the situation and take appropriate action. They may:

    • alert 1 or more of the emergency services to attend
    • call your chosen contacts and advise them on the situation so they can respond.

    The Lifeline operator stays on the line with you until they know you are safe and have the help you need.

Emergency contacts

Emergency contacts are usually family members, close friends or neighbours. They must:

  • be available at any time, day or night, to answer any calls we make to them
  • live less than 45 minutes from your home
  • attend to you at home following our call, or arrange for someone else to visit in their place
  • arrange any immediate or ongoing care that you need.

You can have as many emergency contacts as you like - you must provide at least two contacts for our standard subscription.

Please note: if you do not have relatives or friends who live nearby, you’ll need to add the responder service to your subscription.