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Lifeline and response service

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7 - Support for existing Lifeline users

Whether you have recently subscribed to our Lifeline service, or have been a customer for a while, here is some information that may be useful to you.

Cancelling an accidental alarm call

If you accidentally raise an alarm call, to cancel it:

  • wait 5 seconds
  • press the Cancel button on your base unit.

If you are unable to cancel the call on time and a Lifeline operator calls you, just explain that you pressed the button by accident.

Free maintenance on all equipment

We carry out free regular routine maintenance to make sure the equipment that we have supplied to you stays in good working condition.

Some equipment may need to be serviced more regularly than other equipment. We'll advise you how and when we'll service your equipment once it has been installed.

Report an issue

Your Lifeline subscription includes free repairs on all the products we supply.

If you are having an issue with your Lifeline service or any equipment we have supplied, please get in touch. Our Lifeline operators are able to provide advice, and if required, arrange for the item to be repaired.

Please just answer 1 quick question so we can advise on the best way to contact us:

Managing your subscription

Here is some guidance on managing your payments and contract.

Change how you pay for your subscription

If you would like to:

please get in touch by either of the following methods:

Change the products on your Lifeline subscription

We understand that from time to time your needs may change and you may need to update your Lifeline subscription with different products to reflect this.

If you’d like to make a change, please get in touch by either of the following methods:

We’ll talk to your about how your needs have changed and can recommend changes to your products to make sure you have the best Lifeline subscription for you.

Cancel your subscription

Let us know that you no longer require the Lifeline service. We require 1 month's notice to cancel your subscription. There is no charge to cancel.

You can get in touch by either of the following methods:

How to return your equipment

Once you have advised us that you wish to cancel, we'll make an appointment with you to uninstall and collect any equipment.