Going into and leaving hospital

"I’d like advice to help me manage my hospital stay."

Support when you have left hospital

When you return home you may need some extra care and support to help you with your recovery. Here’s what you can expect from us, and also some information about the help available from local organisations.

Temporary care in your own home

If you have had a short illness or an operation, you might only need care for a short time to get back to normal. This is usually called intermediate care, reablement or aftercare. This will be organised for you as part of your discharge assessment.

Returning to a care home

If you are a care home resident, you will most likely return to your care home. If you require more complex care and support, you may need to stay in a different care home, for example, one that offers nursing care.

Ongoing care

Soon after you leave hospital, your support worker from our adult social care team will review the care and support plan you had for leaving hospital.

If you are likely to need care for longer than 6 weeks, you’ll be referred for a needs assessment to decide what care and support you need and how it should be provided.

Support and guidance from when you are home

If you need extra help at home, you might find the following pages on this site useful:

  • Aids, equipment and adaptations - if you find your daily routine is difficult during the early stages of your recovery, find out what equipment is available to make it easier for you to maintain your independence while you are at home.
  • Lifeline and response service - for extra peace of mind when you are at home, consider subscribing to our personal alarm and responder service.