Going into hospital

"I need advice to help me manage my hospital stay."

Support while in hospital

Let us know if you're going into hospital

If you currently receive care and support from us or are an informal carer, you should let your care worker know you are going into hospital if:

  • you expect to be in hospital for a while. They will inform anyone who currently provides you with care or support services

  • you are going into hospital for a pre-admission or day surgery appointment and you know you will need specific care and support afterwards. They can arrange for an assessment of your needs, or signpost you to other organisations that can provide the support you need.

Use the usual contact details you have for them to let them know.

The Butterfly Scheme

If you have memory or cognitive impairment, or another condition, due to dementia The Butterfly Scheme can help you. They will work with hospital staff to make sure you receive care appropriate to your condition, to reduce the stress of being in hospital, and make sure your safety and wellbeing is maintained.

How to access this service

Your healthcare team usually offer this service prior to your hospital stay. Alternatively, you can ask for the Butterfly champion once you are in hospital. You can find out more on The Butterfly Scheme's website.