Young carers

"I'd like some extra help with things like schoolwork while I am caring for my relative."

Young carer's assessment

Need support as a young carer?

The FISH website is a great place to find the right support.

As a young carer, aged 17 or under, you or your parents can request for a young carer's support worker to visit you and carry out a young carer assessment.

This assessment is different from an adult carer's assessment. It’ll decide what kind of help you and your family may need.

The assessment process

  • Referral request


    You must be referred to the young carer’s service before we can do an assessment.

    Often it is someone who works with you who makes the referral, such as teacher, doctor or youth and family support worker. However your parent or carer can also request a referral directly with us.

    To request a referral your parent or carer can get in touch by either of the following methods and leave their details:

    We’ll arrange for a care professional to call you to discuss your situation and make the referral over the phone. They will also arrange for someone to contact you to complete an early help assessment (refer to Step 2). They’ll advise you when and how your early help assessment will take place. This is usually over the telephone, or by visiting you at your home.

  • Early help assessment


    An early help assessment is a simple way to help identify your needs. It involves listening to you and your family to find out what your needs are and what is working well in your family’s life.

    The assessment is carried out by a member of our team. They will ask you questions such as:

    • Who are your immediate family members, such as parents, brothers or sisters? Do they live with you?
    • What health conditions do the people who live with you have?
    • Who is in your support network? This could include family, friends, care professionals or other people in the community
    • Do you already access any local services, such as community or voluntary groups?

    When the assessment is finished, we’ll provide you with a copy of your early help assessment.

  • Young carer's assessment appointment


    Once we have your completed early help assessment, we’ll contact you by telephone to arrange a date when we can visit you to complete a young carer’s assessment.

  • Get ready for your assessment


    Before you have your assessment, think about the following questions and whether being a carer is having a significant impact on these or other things in your life:

    • What caring duties are you responsible for?
    • How long do you spend on your caring duties each day?
    • Are you getting enough sleep and eating well?
    • Is your health being affected by caring?
    • Can you still socialise with family or friends?
    • Is juggling schoolwork and caring difficult?
    • Can you enjoy hobbies the way you used to?
    • Are you happy to continue being a carer?
  • During the assessment


    On the day of your assessment, you and your family will visit Anlaby Children’s Centre and meet with a support worker from our young carer’s team. If there is anyone else you or parents feel should be there, you are welcome to invite them.

    You’ll be asked questions about:

    • the type of care you provide
    • the tasks you carry out and how you feel about them
    • how long you spend caring for someone each day
    • how much you are relied on by your family to maintain the wellbeing of the person you care for
    • the effect your caring duties have on things like your wellbeing and education
    • how being a carer affects your life and the needs you have.

    Give as much detail as possible as this will help make sure you get the support you need.

    Our support worker will look at any support you currently get and whether we could provide you with support, so that you do less or none of the caring tasks you currently do.

    Please note: assessments usually last about an hour.

  • After your assessment


    We will use your assessment to decide if you need to access any of our services to meet your needs.

    We will contact you to give you an idea of the sort of support that you can expect. This could be:

    • help to create a support plan that explains how we will help you, and detail any council service you can access
    • guidance of where to get the help you need within the local community and other organisations, such as charities.

COVID-19 information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will carry out assessments using an online chat facility, such as Microsoft Teams.

If we need to visit your home: we will carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment and anyone visiting you will take a lateral flow test before they arrive.

At your home: they will observe social distancing rules and wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), including a face covering.